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GETTING INVOLVED: Feel free to let me know if you are interested in Public Policy, vRights, Ethics & Design, or Education.  If there is sufficient interest, I would be happy to create additional resources, sponsor a group forum, etc.  I believe that it is necessary for us to extend liberal-democratic institutions and values into virtual space, through  design, and would love to know if other people feel the same way.

TEACHERS: If you teach the Ethics of Technology, ITGS, or related course, let me know if you would like to receive a free copy of The Virtual State and the Fall of Empires or Power, or Madness, & Immortality: the future of virtual reality. 

BUSINESSMEN: Feel free to contact me about concrete business opportunities. Please do not contact me to request contacts, resources, or free advice.  If I had sufficient resources, I would be working on my own projects.  

Putting aside questions of how new technologies “should be” used, designed, and understood, I hope to put together funding for a virtual office product - extending real-world interaction patterns into virtual space, automating business processes, and building a foundation for social and economic interaction in virtual space (or at least taking first steps in that direction).

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Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Cline



Dear Friends,

We will be returning to California on July 21st and hope to have a chance to catch up with those of you who were unable to attend the wedding.  Initially, we will be in Santa Barbara, but I will be looking for employment (iOS development) up and down the coast.  Thank you all for your love and support.  Our temporary mailing address is 6063 Jacaranda Way, Apt F, ℅ Mark McIntire, Carpinteria, CA 93013.


Mychilo & Leilei





I am proud to announce my engagement to Leilei Zhang. Leilei and I have known each other for 5 years and have found lasting happiness together.  She is down to earth, easy going, and pragmatic, whereas I am passionate and idealistic, making it a wonderful match.


Leilei is from a small town near Qingdao, roughly halfway between Beijing and Shanghai. She has lived in Germany and travelled throughout Europe and Asia.

Leilei works as a translator, translating BBC television programming from English into Chinese. Her degree is in Journalism & Chinese Literature (ancient literature, Chinese history, and philosophy).  And she has recently taken up tae kwon do.

We are looking forward to getting married on the Big Island of Hawaii on Saturday, June 28th.  

Suggested itinerary: Arrival in Kona (KOA) on or before Wednesday, June 25. Departure: Sunday or Monday. Accommodation: Contact me so that we can discuss what would best fit your needs. Transportation: Car rental required. (In many cases, it may make sense to share.)